If it wasn’t for hospitals full of experts like Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee, we wouldn’t have gotten the treatment and research we needed to help Ezra havethe best life he can.
—Ezra’s parents, Ryan & Bobbie

Ezra's story ...

Yes, they are treating a scary disease, but they also see a child who just wants to be a child. They are not just treating his cancer they are also helping us keep Braeden happy, which is just as important.
—Braeden’s mother, Tanya

Braeden's story ...

We hope to reach a lifetime goal of raising $1 million for Children’s Hospital  of Wisconsin at our July 28 Garden Party. Help us by becoming a sponsor.

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Over $847,000 raised for Children’s Hospital

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In 2011, a group of dairy industry individuals decided it was time for the Wisconsin dairy industry to raise funds to help others.  As a result, we formed Dairy Cares of Wisconsin.

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Since 2011, Dairy Cares’ generous sponsors and donors have collectively raised over $847,000. This gift to the hospital’s general fund on behalf of the dairy community …

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