June 28, 2013

Meet Madison …

Madison was born March 15, 2006 with Hypo Left Heart Syndrome or HLHS. HLHS is a severe heart defect in which the left side of the heart does not develop during pregnancy. Madison will need three heart surgeries or a new heart.

The doctors at Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee decide to proceed with the three heart surgeries. Madison received her first heart surgery at 12 days old. The doctors and nurses updated us each hour during the twelve hour surgery and answered all of our questions. Madison’s chest cavity remained open for nine days. Slowly her resilient little body improves and eventually she is allowed to wake up. Madison is able to go home for two weeks before the second surgery begins.

Madison’s second heart surgery was at two and a half months of age. She is much stronger now and is able to go home after only three weeks. She is doing very well. At age four and a half Madison has her third and final surgery. Madison was a very brave little girl and was able to be home by Christmas. Our family will be forever grateful for all the wonderful doctors and nurses who helped us through this difficult journey.

Madison turned five in March of 2011 and two weeks later had a severe coughing attack and was found to be in severe respiratory distress when she arrived at the hospital. Madison would need a heart transplant. A new heart is the only way her lungs would return to normal. On January 5, 2012 Madison received a new heart. Today, she is full of energy and we feel her lungs are healthy once again. We are thankful for the doctors, nurses, staff and Mr. Wolf for their love, care, and compassion.